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    Bored and enjoy baking bread? Try your hand at Focaccia Art. #focacciaart

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    Don't miss this four week celebration of food, farming, landscape and the arts at White House Farm, Great Glemham, near the Suffolk coast.  Intermingling arts with food, farming and heritage crafts, farm suppers, festival talks and a pop up shop and a tea room. Festival talks include 'Unearthed' this Friday 12th May by local food writer in residence Tessa Allingham. Tessa, who co-authored Unearthed, is going to use the book and the stories in it to explore some of the things that are important to her, and that she loves writing about - food provenance, and the people who grow, rear, fish, farm, bake, cook and sell the wonderful food we have in Suffolk, as well as some of the wider issues about traceability and honesty in food that this subject invokes. The talk includes a delicious soup, bread and cheese supper afterwards.

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    Thursday, 30 April 2015 23:13

    Meet Zoe our Creative Dish of the Day

    Made on site, at the build up for the 1st European Games, Asberbaijan. The creative team from the UK fancied some home comforts. They sent me a picture of the results and the recipe:

    One packet cake mix from a local Baku supermarket. (instructions in Russian)

    Some water to add to the cake mix.

    A 2 litre paint cup and stick for mixing.

    An old camping oven found on site.

    A coerced Quarter Master to keep an eye on the cakes and remove from the oven once cooked. (the team were working)

    A plastic bag to mix the icing and use with the corner cut off to decorate the buns.


     pink buns

    Tah Dah! 

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